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You can find all types of ceramic tiles, including glass tile, top of the line porcelain tile with all the pedigree and specifications. A large variety of slates, granite and marble. All sizes and shapes of mosaic and tumbled marble mosaic.


  • We stock the appropriate setting material for all types of tile.
  • We stock the right color of grout to match your tile.
  • We stock the Schluter waterproofing systems for shower including drain.
  • We can get all the colors of epoxy grout.
  • We stock all the end strips for better protection and look.
  • We stock special nosing for stairs.
  • We stock cement board either 1/2" or 1/4" which has a 30 years guarantee from the manufacturers.
  • We will always use the best of our knowledge to make sure that you get the best material required for the job.

Tiled stairway with natural rock formation.

Professional  Service for over 40 years

FED Tile and Stone Ltd.

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